Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Twas the Write Before Christmas: Rebirth in Self Truths

So in the beginning there are small fingers and tiny toes

and no mother's heart seems to really grasp

that the fingers she holds and toes that meet her lips

will one day, perhaps, be bigger than her own.

Mary, she knew, that smallness was destined to be greatness.

But probably, it was just beyond her heart,

that smallness would become such Bigness.

These ever-growing bodies

these reminders

that smallness is fleeting

and has no indicator of

how wide

how deep

how long

it can grow.

I am reborn through Grace every day

to love

and Love.

And am reminded of such love

and Love

born in smallness and growing into bigness

and Bigness

every time feet that once fit inside the palm of my hand

outgrow another pair of shoes,

travel little pieces of my heart further from me

in ever-growing portions.

Inspired by the 'Twas the Write Before Christmas Day Six prompt:
Join us in creating as we get into the Christmas spirit!


  1. So, now that I've read this about six times...I'm struck by the thought that my son is still eight years shy of the 30 or so years that Mary waited for Jesus' ministry to begin. It's so true - as you write - that she knew...yet it was beyond her heart. Seems that this is what it means to grow in know and hold on to that Bigness and Love that is just beyond our hearts...Thanks for this!

  2. I love this, Hy. I often wonder what it was like to be Mary. Because the desire to protect my kids at all cost and the anxiety that comes the moment I think one of them is even slightly in danger is overwhelming. But to be Mary...watching her son growing, knowing and pondering in her heart the fact that He was really God, meant for a much greater purpose...? Did she know what it meant in the scriptures that he would be "pierced for our transgressions"? Did she feel her heartstrings tug and yearn for just one more year when he finally began the ministry He was sent here for? And the pain she must have felt watching Him suffer and die for all of mankind...I can't even imagine...

  3. Obviously this is STEPHANIE Hanes, not Ted. I didn't realize he was still logged in. Oops! ;)

  4. Exquisite, Hy! This time of year I think of Mary- often! Just loved this piece.


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