Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bigger Picture Moment: Unwrapped and Found

I'm a mess of swirling emotions.

I wade in the lovely waters of hope and life and swim too deep into worry and fear all in the moment.; but I don't have the words to explain the beautiful mess of my heart these days, though I seemingly have some time.

Every night, I settle onto the couch with the boys by about 6:45, which is so unlike our normal life where we go and do and run and play and work from wake until down most days of the week.

The first few weeks of pregnancy, though, have given us a sweet gift in this new slowness ... one I'm coming to embrace.

There's talk time at night now, most of us home now and central to one room most nights.

Time to snuggle together in the hours between dinner and bed.

Time to read and watch movies and giggle and sing together.

More time than I knew existed.

I didn't realize how many hours in the day there actually were until this slowness set in.

And I didn't realize how badly we needed them to be inundated in slowness.

A gift in a gift in season.

A first of many to unwrap, I pray.

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  1. I love the slowness. I'm not quite there yet, but I see in on the horizon. A couple more weeks, then I might be going through much the same thing. Enjoy it, my friend!

  2. Slowness is a precious gift. I really DO love the quote "stopping the glorification of busy" because slowing down (especially with young ones) is vital to our growth. Right? Yay! I'm so happy for you.


  3. I pray it is just the first of many gifts as well. My baby days are behind me, but I know exactly the blessing of slowness that you talk about. For me it is that week between Christmas and New Years. All my kids are home from school and my husband's work pace is light. We do exactly what you are talking about. Cocoon at night close to one another. The best time ever!

  4. Such a beautiful time of life. I am always trying to remind myself how precious the baby days are. Many prayers for you!

  5. If there's anything I learned from all the changes in my life last year - new SAHM role, raising a toddler - is that there is such beauty that comes from slowing down, from taking the time to breathe it all in. The savoring is more exquisite that way don't you think?


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