Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bigger Picture Moments: On turning 30

I thought it would be harder

this birthday

to say goodbye to my twenties

and enter 30.

But I'm ready.

Ready to bid farewell to a decade that began

like a wild ride on an enormous ocean wave

and one that's ending with toes dipped into high tide

settled onto the stable ground of Faith

rather than the tumultuousness sea of self.

These past ten years have been all about realizing that

I am not the ends to all means.

That the Earth spins for more than just me.

That self is in competition with Spirit.

That there's more to me than just me.

I count.

One by one I number the years,

and I see the blessings unfold

from messes, sea glass polished shiny by waves.

I see grace swell up and carry me onto shore and

love salve the wind and sun burnt onto my weathered skin.

This birthday

there's no dread

or twinges of sadness

just gratitude for the days I've known

and praise for the ones still spread out ahead.

Link at Melissa's!


  1. If my 52 year old self was to write a letter to my 30 year old self, I would want it to be this. Happiest of birthdays - If I was right around the corner, I'd bring you a very healthy cupcake (made by someone other than me!) with an extra pretty candle...sing you a song, and hope you could sit and talk for a while. Hugs from Boston!

  2. Happy Birthday, friend! It gets better from here. When I turned 30, I finally woke up, it was lovely beyond words.

  3. I felt the same way when I turned 30 in October. Such a beautiful way to sum it up. I thought it would be difficult too, but there are so many opportunities for spiritual growth that can only be reached by growing older. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday! You have your act together much more than I did at the beginning of this decade. I am on my way out of the beautiful 30's, but they are a good decade. I enjoyed finally feeling like an adult that others would respect simply because I had matured enough to deem worthy of listening to.

  5. The 30s are awesome - at least, as far as I can tell at a ripe old 32! Anyway Happy Birthday and enjoy this fabulous new decade!

  6. And really 30's are the best :-)


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