Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bigger Picture Moments: Love, Already

I can almost hear it when I still myself in silence and close my eyes.

A heartbeat disguised in the sound of galloping horses.

It's perfect, you know -- that a tiny babe in the womb's heartbeat sounds like horses full speed galloping along a path -- one that leads straight to a heart that gushes love, already.

I can almost hear it, and I pray the wait won't be much longer until that sweet sound is flooding my ears.

Twice now we've had to reschedule the appointment with my midwife, and I'm praying everyone in my house regains health enough to keep our Saturday appointment.

I can't help but wonder if that's been grace actually in disguise.

Because with every passing day, the likelihood that we'll hear the strong fast thudding of a heartbeat increases every week after 10.

I'll be 12 weeks Saturday, we think. But we're not totally certain.

The only thing I actually know for certain is that

this little one is loved


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  1. It's like a great big holding of our breaths isn't it? Just a little longer till we can breathe one big sigh of relief...and let the door to hope open a little wider.

    1. I'm trying to breathe ... and remember God is good no matter what. But the waiting. Oh, the waiting.

  2. There is nothing in the world like hearing that heartbeat. You are flooded with relief that all sounds right, with love for the baby, love for God and an overall thankfulness for the experience of life. May you hear it soon!


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