Monday, February 11, 2013

Everyday Life: In Sunlight

It's amazing what a little sunshine can do.

I felt like a wreck last week before we left Chicago.

I believe the best word to describe it was desperate -- and I just left it hanging out there, my last written words of the week.

The morning sickness, the fatigue, the overwhelming emotions, the anxiety -- it all seems like it was exasperated by the cold and the dark and the dreary of early February in the midwest.

But here it's all soothed by sunlight and warm and slumber.

Lovely pink. No filter.

And, I think, by being together and just being.

The little gifts are actually the big ones, and it's astonishing how much that reality is magnified right now in my heart.

Something about pregnancy and polka dots and the combination of the two make me smile.

Remember ... No matter where you go, there's always a tree to climb, says my big boy to my little one.

Purple sunsets light my heart aglow. He is such a beautiful creator!

I've already had to stop myself from trying to find a way to stay here in this bliss instead of boarding a plane home in a week ... reminding myself to live intentionally in the moment, reminding myself to drink in gifts as they are given. 

This week is for drinking in gifts.

And praising boldly for gifts given

one by one by one. 


  1. drink up, darlin! glad that florida is treating you right.

  2. You are getting to experience a bit of my winter weather. I'm going to have to head your way come July so I can enjoy your summer.


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