Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just Write: Hands

I've become very well acquainted with the couch these past two months.

It seems like longer. Between first-trimester ailments and three rounds of illness, my energy levels have been nonexistent; and so has any work that doesn't involve simply typing on the computer or keeping the children alive and sometimes fed. 

It's in these brackets of time and space, where I begin to fathom the incredible love from the people in my life and their hearts for serving. 

It's the little-big things that stop me in my tracks, have me giving thanks. 

My sister offers to cook dinner for us the day we arrive home from Florida because she knows we've been awake since 5 a.m. and our fridge is pretty much void of most food. 

Friends who've been staying at our house while they were looking for a new home during the time we were away vacuum the floors and line the beds with clean sheets topping the pillows with mints, fresh for our arrival home. 

John's dad picks us up from the airport early in the morning complete with after-flight snacks.

My grandma does our laundry and cooks dinner almost every single night we're with her and my grandpa at their condo. 

Friends whisper prayers, send cards and emails and flowers for my birthday or just to encourage my heart. Or blend juice lemon and ginger and bring it to our meetings so I can find relief from morning sickness. 

John does double duty with kids and work -- with a smile {and house and food prep}.

It just doesn't stop -- the pouring out of love and the generosity of time and the service of hands. 

And my hands in this season -- all I can do is fold them in prayer, offering thanks

and humbly receive the love that's been freely and generously given. 

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  1. Wait, did I know it was your birthday?! Happy Belated Birthday girly! You must SHARE these things!

    I'm glad you have such a wonderful, loving family that takes care of you. What a blessing. Fresh mints on the pillows? Where do I sign up for a friend like that?


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