Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Write: On a Tuesday

On a Tuesday there is snow pouring down from the heavens like salt out of a shaker in the hands of a toddler

and I am eating homemade oatmeal cookies like there's been a cookie draught for the past five years.

Today's motto is something like cookies are meant to be eaten

and snow is meant to fall


on a day in February

where my toddler screams angrily every time I leave him on the couch


where my husband finds odd pleasure in navigating his way home from work in a blizzard.

On a Tuesday

my heart sort of longs for the chasm in between their two extremes.

I'm tired of the couch

but I'm also not longing for any more stretching adventures.

because I've been submerged in both simultaneously every day since we discovered God has been growing this new little life inside my ever-expanding belly.

On a Tuesday,

I live wildly

a juxtaposed life

and find grace

in thanks

and the extremes.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, and so strange to be so far away from that snow now. It's almost like I've already forgotten it. But my feet did get a bit chilly while reading this. :)



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