Monday, March 4, 2013

Scenes from a Weekend: Bookends

Thank God for the bookends of this weekend.

Because Saturday this was my view pretty much all day long:

My Saturday view

That's my pillow and nightstand, in case it's not obvious. I lingered there until about 3 p.m. Saturday before finally venturing downstairs; Saturday morning was when I really got hit with the hardest part of the boys' stomach virus. Friday I thought I escaped it after feeling sort of terrible all day Thursday.

I'm glad for that because it afforded me a rare opportunity of going on a sister date. We left our kiddos with our hubbys, went to fun restaurant in a nearby downtown area and had great conversation. It was just what I needed after being quarantined with two sick little boys for six days.

Sunday I nearly jumped out of bed singing hallelujah at how much better I felt from Saturday, and I determined that it would be a day of renewal.

We went to church, I went to prenatal yoga, I sat in the bright, warm sunlight for 20 minutes, cried a river to John about today's {yet again rescheduled} appointment with our midwife and then ventured out to a little cafe for dinner with the boys in the last of Sunday's lingering sun.

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And you know what?

I *do* feel better after all of that. But it was really the culmination of it all this morning that's brought the serenity I feel as I type.

This morning before my midwife called to reschedule my appointment to hear baby's heartbeat {FIFTH reschedule -- not her fault!} because she was racing off to help an expecting mother birth a sweet new baby, a Chris Tomlin song played on repeat in my head. {video below}

That song has been with me for weeks now, and yesterday we sang it in church before our pastor spoke about what it means to find comfort and strength in as we wait on God.

And I knew it was meant for my heart.

So much so that when my midwife called to reschedule this morning, I couldn't help but honestly laugh out loud at the situation, surrender and say to God that I got it: He's in control no matter what, and because of that I can wait calmly and patiently in His strength.

So I wait some more.

But wrapped in increasing peace.

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  1. The storminess and sweetness of surrender. He just keeps calling us further, deeper, higher! I like the line "though darkness fills the night, it cannot hide the light" - makes me think that it's more a matter of what I choose to focus on because, truly, the light cannot be completely hidden or ever overcome. So glad that you got some out of the house grown up time too!

  2. Oh your weekend sounds horrific. Aren't you TIIIIIRED of illness? I know I am! I am so tired TIRED of illness. I'm so READY for spring. And I wish that I could have had a sister date with you. That sounds fun. But I'm glad that you guys had a blast and that you got to talk. It is so important to unload emotionally after being sick.

    HEAL sistah! I hope you heal fast. Hugs!

  3. Rescheduled AGAIN? That really sucks!! :( I'm glad you got in some good sister time, and some rest, and are now feeling better. I hope you get to hear that little heart beating real soon! xoxo

  4. FIFTH reschedule? I would have cried, too! I hope it was rescheduled for soon!


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