Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Share the Love: Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Did I say baby wipes?

Ahem. Pardon me.

I mean *big boy* wipes.

My three and a half year old has been trying to really hard to make it to the bathroom to do all his business, but then things like Star Wars costumes and building forts get in the way literally and figuratively.

And so we're back to training pants again while he vehemently insists that he is *not* a baby {unless he wants to be carried, then he is most definitely a baby, just to be clear.}

Lately, we've been battling over using wipes.

He wants big boy toilet paper. But I'm sorry. Sometimes there's no getting around needing wipes, kiddo, so I lovingly explain such to the kiddo.

Thankfully, when the wipes protesting began, the mailman delivered a giant box of Seventh Generations newly improved baby wipes.


I mean *big boy* wipes.

And luckily the newly improved wipes were so different from the other wipes that I was able to convince Mr. 3 Years Old and Highly Opinionated that these wipes were, indeed, *big boy* wipes.

Simply because they are bigger in size than the old wipes.

I am for real.

Goose. Photoshoot.

So aside from the fact that I'm no longer in a long and saturated battle of the wills over wipes because of the newly improved Seventh Generation wipes, I have to say that I truly appreciate the improvements made.

*They are bigger and one does the job of what two or three of the old ones did
*They are "grippier" because they are textured {hubby says coefficient of friction explains, but I have no idea what that means}
*The smell is virtually non-existent. They seem to not hold any odor; the old ones did have some sort of smell despite being scent-free.
*The snap-down lid is vastly better at keeping the moisture locked into the wipes than the old sticker top

What hasn't changed that I love about Seventh Generation wipes?

*They are still fragrance-free and dye-free
*They are still free of parabens and phthalates
*They are still made with renewable resources
*They are still made in the United States

All of that said, I'm still a fan.

Now, please join me in praying that Mr. 3 Years Old and Highly Opinionated potty learns before his baby sister or brother joins us in September because I plan on using these wipes with the baby, and I don't know how I'll explain that one away!

Toddler model

Want to try the wipes yourself?
Seventh Generation is giving away a box of its newly improved wipes!


Simply share a baby-care {or toddler-care} tip in the comments to be entered. Or maybe, if you feel extra kind, you could share a potty learning tip with me!

If you'd like an extra entry, tweet @SeventhGen with a baby care tip and put a link to your tweet in the comments section.

Entries close Friday, March 8 at midnight. Please be sure to leave your email in your comment!

Disclosure: Seventh Generation sent me a box of baby wipes for review. I am being compensated for the time it takes to write the review, but my opinions are my own and we use Seventh Generation products in my house daily. Entrants for the giveaway should be age 18 or older and live in the United States. Seventh Generation will fulfill the prizes by shipping baby wipes directly to the winner within 4-6 weeks after March 25.


  1. I'm laughing, only because I totally understand. Except my three year old says to me, after going #2 in his pull up while hiding behind the closed door of the bathroom, standing NEXT to the potty, that he went in his "dah-per" because "um, my want to?" Stubborn toddler? Never! Haha!

    As for a tip, maybe God is just teaching me patience and that not every baby/toddler is the same, so I have to somehow figure out what works for each of my "babies". Good thing there is GRACE, because I need lots of it. :)

  2. You know, once you have baby wipes in your house...you wonder how you ever lived without them. :) It took our son years to potty train. The #1 part was a cinch...I think I can remember only 1 or 2 times even wetting the bed. #2 on the other hand...whoa...hence, we have one child (not just for that reason, but it was a main one.) We tried:
    - potty books
    - potty videos...even moving a tv INTO the bathroom with potty videos
    - charts
    - prizes...even really really good ones like Thomas sets
    - Treasure box treats
    - a potty that played music when you went
    - cheerios
    - warm prunes mixed with applesauce
    - yelling (that TOTALLY did not work but was the result of insanity)

    I wish you so much luck...just keep in mind that it WILL happen. He won't be wearing pullups in high school :D

  3. my tip (which is really my mom's tip... this is how she potty trained nathan when I was working and she babysat full time). She would put nathan on the potty at the same 2 times every day. Say it was 9am and 2pm. Nathan had to sit till he did something. At the beginning he sat for over an hour each time (she would give him the leapster to play). Eventually his body learned the routine and he went quicker. And soon he could recognize the feeling himself at those times and go and eventually recognize all the time. He was fully potty trained in a month. Thank you grandma! Kristina

  4. I always carry her current favorite toy with me. It can help settle her down when she starts having a fit lol.
    taznjade at gmail dot com

    1. Jolene, random.org chose you as winner.Congrats!


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