Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bigger Picture Moments: Seasons

The days grow longer and the sun burns brighter each day it seems now that May has finally forced spring to step on stage and take front and center.

I am ready, and I am not.

The boys, too, grow longer and burn brighter daily it seems as they play and talk, interact and sort through life's beautiful and sticky messes.

I am ready, and, samely, I am not.

A collaboration labored out of love that has boasted the most beautiful blooms and friendships and has brought me here to this space weekly for almost three years to reflect on life's Bigger Picture Moments draws to a close.

I am ready, and, really, I am not.

Day by day, I grow a little bit stronger and learn a little bit more about who I am {and who I am not} and who God is {and who He is not}.

And I am ready, but, also, I am just not.

These seasons, they saunter in and out to the beat of their own drummers and they leave me still singing the chorus of the last song while also setting a new rhythm in my heart, head, foot.

So I linger in the reality of spring and dance in the promise of summer and I cry at baby pictures and hang onto still-chubby hands while excitedly exploring emerging personalities. I mourn the end of goodness, but also celebrate the beginning of newness, and I find hope in Strength and knowing but also remember what it is to not understand, to fall.

I am ready. And I am not.

But the seasons change regardless, so I remind myself

to stand tall, open in the moment

while each one lingers before it comes to pass.

Simple BPM

Note: Today is the last day we're officially collaborating over at Bigger Picture Blogs, the community some friends and I began almost three years ago dedicated to creativity and community. On this day, I find, really, that I am ready. And I am not. It's been an amazing three years of finding the bigger picture in the everyday moments of life and celebrating everyday creativity and community.


  1. So much to say. First of all - tenderly and poignantly expressed. It was a little hard for me to read, as I am feeling raw these past few days...for some reason very nostalgic for days gone by with my kiddos. Doesn't hit me that often, but when it does - boom! You are, of course, in my daily! And I'm grateful for the connection we've made, which I know won't be lost. I'm also very grateful to the bigger picture community...for many things... but, perhaps mostly for helping me to know what I want my space in this blogosphere to be all about. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Beautifully written, Hy. Change is always something I struggle with, but it's also a good thing. I honestly had a feeling this was coming and it sounds like the right one for you. Thank you so much for being one of the driving forces behind this community - I'm so very grateful for all it has done for me as a writer, a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter.

  3. Today is bittersweet. I know that is the word that instantly comes to mind, but it is so palpable today. I can feel the bittersweet. I'm paused in the lingering right now. It is okay to smile in the sunshine of the future season while still being sad to see a season end? Right?

    Hugs, my cherished friend!


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