Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Everyday Life: Low Battery Warning

Lately, in my mothering, I've been feeling like a laptop whose battery has been pretty well zapped.

It's like no amount of charging keeps me going; I'm completely drained ten minutes after I'm unplugged from whatever source I was finding power to keep on mothering these beautifully challenging souls.

Maybe it's a phase {oh, please tell me it's a phase}, but lately, one of my boys has two switches: emo and high octane emo.

Um, so do boys enter the pre-teen years now starting at age almost 6? {Related: I buy organic dairy and meat, free of hormones, so I thought I was taking care of this whole early on-set puberty thing ...}

Also, if boys are this emo, then really having two sons is not a consolation for not having a daughter who is emotionally charged, so the next person who tells me that, well, they're in for an earful. Because, friends, I can personally attest to a boy being quite moody over the Light Saber he's sporting or, consequently, not sporting. It's nothing short of a full-fledge trauma here.

Maybe it's summer {oh, please DON'T tell me it's summer!} that's brought my formerly helpful 5.75 year old into a fit of emotionally driven turmoil over a certain pair of shorts not being clean?

{Yes, please tell me again about that daughter thing?}

Or, perhaps, it's a developmental leap nearing? Maybe his quickly approaching summer birthday is sending us him into fits of heavy emotion?

Whatever it is, it was wearing thin on my patience before my husband left for Paris last weekend.

So you can imagine what kind of ice everyone is skating on now, right?

If you said "NO ICE because it's SUMMER and your husband is in Paris" ... well, now you're tracking with me.

My friends, there's no ice left here. NO PROVERBIAL ICE!

We're hanging on here ONLY because God graciously gave me the best in laws and mother a girl who currently has no battery life could ask for and multiple friends who have extended hands of care and offers of dinner and play and rescue and cinnamon rolls. Reread that part before you send reinforcements or try to "save" my children from their crazy mother. We have been cared for! I repeat. We have been cared for above and beyond, and it's enough to get us all through safely to ....

the home stretch now, yes. We are close. We are closing in on John's re-entry to the real world where the Effiel Tower is 4,140 miles away {what? like you don't measure how far away your husband is when he's gone?} and the only things that are really towering above anyone in this house are two little boys will be giggling while standing over the mother who is lying on the floor, waving her white flag of surrender to the phase or the summer or the developmental leap or whatever it was that reared its ugly head these past few weeks.

And probably the only thing that sweet hubby of mine will hear from my lips that are smooshed against the wood floor are pleas for

a glass of wine without any accompanying whine

and begging that those piano lessons we're going to be forking out money for will at least lead to us having a *good* emo band practicing in our garage in the near future here.


  1. Oh Hy! I'm laughing yet crying at the same time. Laughing because you somehow have kept your humor through the thick of things. Crying because i hear you. Is it the summer? Am I to be scared of future summer ahead of me. Between the husband always working (20 hour days) and both kids screaming/wanting mommy/going along for long rides for errands I think I might just burst.

    On a side note: your G and my G must be channeling some sort of odd dirty clothes aversion. G's face and hands can be dirtier than the dickens but heaven forbid his shirt or pants have a speck of dirt on them. HA!

  2. Here is what I will say about daughters vs. sons....I have two daughters and if you add up all the drama and hormonal induced emotional chaos they went through it still does not equal that of their one brother! He grew so much more quickly than they did (nine inches one year), and I always felt like that had to be hard. So, I gave him a pass (or tried to) every time I had to buy longer pants.
    Rely on those who love you and rest assured this too shall pass!

  3. I was nodding my head so vigorously and at the same time almost dissolving in giggles, because it's like you got inside my head and wrote the story of my life. I swear this week started on an empty battery, but thank the Lord my husband wasn't 4000+ miles away because I'm pretty sure my kids would be calling him saying "mommy overboard", because I might have jumped ship. Oy! Also, your line about wine and whine is almost exactly what I found myself saying to my husband the other night. For real! Can you have some wine chilled when I come tonight??? ;)

  4. Girl - all I can tell you is . . . you are not alone. Stages, they totally go through these stages. And about the time you think you AREN'T going to make it . . . a new and different stage comes on & you forget all about this horrid one - hoping the next one is better ;) love you!

    Also, your hormones have been through a lot. it wouldn't be surprising if they were a little wack. You need a massage & a walk on the beach. Hugs!!!

  5. With stages you know that there is growth. If there are no stages- no growth. It is difficult! And I can attest that boys can be very emo. Here is hoping that this new emo stage hurricanes through quickly and calm waters are on the horizon.

    Also- I just know you are pleased that your man is back home. xo! Nick left yesterday for Canada for a week. Pray for my patience. Some days are indeed harder than others. Hopefully today will go smoothly, but the knob on the sink just broke off... Here we go... HA! Life is a wild ride.


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