Saturday, August 31, 2013

Share the Love: How to Sway Your Kindergartener

How do you convince a six year old who wants to go to school for a full day (but can't for numerous reasons) to be happy about leaving his classroom every day at 11:30? 


Like this.

If you are local to Chicago, and you're looking to soak up the final days of summer, make a trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden {or perhaps you're like me -- trying to fill long afternoons by blending awesomeness with education for a kindergartener and a preschooler who think every day should be a party ...}

Though the Butterflies and Blooms exhibit, pictured above in the last two pictures, is closed for the season, the outdoor model rail road, also pictured above, is up and chugging along past the landscapes of America, routing past an exploding volcano and gushing geysor. Huge hits, I tell ya. 

And, of course, the gardens are still bursting with beautiful blooms and lots of wildlife that are more than willing to exchange friendship for food -- and, oh, look there's an education opportunity! Don't feed the ducks! God does a great job of providing for them all by Himself -- no matter what that duck tries to tell you, kids!

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for the Chicago Botanic Garden and write several times a year about the awesome things the garden offers for families in exchange for a membership. Why do I do this? Because the garden is a fantastic place for families to enjoy the outdoors and learn about nature through exploration, hands-on activities in the children's garden and exhibits! It's a gem in our very backyard! 

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