Thursday, September 12, 2013

God-Sized Dream: A {transparent} Update on Hosting

I have friends who joke about how they had parenting all figured out -- until they had kids.

Honestly, that was me, too. Reality kicked in while I was in the hospital with our first-born son and the nurse came in and asked if I had recently changed his diaper. I stared at her blankly, and she gently suggested that perhaps I do so.

So much for being prepared.

That's sort of how our journey into hosting an orphan from across seas for Christmas has been, and I'm sure, will continue to be when she actually arrives here in our home. I have this feeling though we're already parents, we have a lot to learn about hosting!

I mean, it stands to reason since we already have been learning and considering so much just during the five-day application process.

So here we are just having submitted our final application, so excited to welcome a young lady into our home this Christmas, and here's some stand-out (transparent) lessons:

The first thing we've witnessed and learned is that when the Holy Spirit moves inside hearts, he really moves! I think, just from your notes, that we've raised nearly $450 out of the $3,000 it takes to bring an orphan here for Christmas! I stand AMAZED at God's work in our hearts and in the hearts of our community! We continue to feel very passionately about this outreach, if I can call it that for simplicity's sake. 

The other thing we've learned centers around taking into deeper consideration where a child is coming from in relation to the child's comfort regarding the dynamics of a host family and how our family blends into that. After conversation, prayer, reflection, reviewing additional information about our potential host child (children are placed on hold initially for the five-day application process period) and reading all of the documents in the 25-page application, we decided to host a different young lady who is also 12, an orphan and from the same country because she expressed a comfort and welcomeness to being in a home with young children and pets, which as you all know, are some hallmarks of our home.  {If you've ever walked into our front door, you know that the word "hallmark" doesn't do what is waiting on the other side justice!}
She, too, is living as a ward of the state and wants to find her forever family. Rest assured that if you donated, your donation will carry over to this beautiful young lady's hosting expenses. I can't give any other details about this switch because of privacy and security issues regarding both girls. I can share, though, that the hosted children don't find out about their host family until after the application process is well completed. If you feel compelled, you can donate here via PayPal by scrolling down and clicking the option to donate to a specific child. Simply and ONLY include her ID Number: BO316.
{Related: I've learned to not write about specifics regarding any potential host children until the application process is complete.}

Also, relatedly, we've realized how essential it is to work with a hosting organization that is upstanding and genuinely caring. New Horizons For Children volunteers and staff genuinely care about the children and host families involved and want for each to have a great experience where God is glorified. Love them!

Lastly, I've learned that I could write and write and write about all of the children who have these unique stores and desires for a family to share them with and I could never come to the end of the writing.  While we knew the need for hosting families was great, we didn't realize how wide that need is, too. For instance, it takes many kinds of families to be involved in this program in order to reach all the different children who are wishing to be hosted. Hosting is a big decision that requires prayer and patience and passion. If that's something you're willing to enter into because the passion is there, let me assure you the need is great. If you'd like to help in a less intense capacity, you could always consider hosting an adult chaperone.

So that's where we are in our God-sized dream! Please continue to pray for His direction and for our eyes to be open and hearts to be soft to His leading as we continue to walk deeper into this adventure!


  1. so, you don't ned us to do anything to make sure the money we donated transfers over to the new girl?

    1. Nope nothing, Robin. It all will transfer over. Thank you for being a part of bringing a young lady here for a month.


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