Sunday, September 8, 2013

Everyday Poetry: The Way This All Began

The way this all began

was with me aching and empty

trying to fill an ocean with a bucket of sand

when what it called for was a the fluid movement of living water.

The way this all began

was with me loving God and then a man

and then two little boys

and three small babies who flew into eternity

before they really knew time

and I knew anything more than the promise

of the life their souls distantly sang.

The way this all began

was with me begging God to take

the aching and empty and fill it all up

so there was no space left for anything

other than overflow.

And then He flooded my life

with the kind of water

that just keeps running. 

A spring unleashed in my heart.

All of my buckets floating amid the specs of sunlight in the ocean. 

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