Monday, October 21, 2013

Share the Love: The Perfect Jeans #LeeLooks

Jeans shopping has always been kinda like going to the dentist; I know it's not gonna kill me, but often times its uncomfortable and a few times it's been downright painful.

Turns out that doesn't have to be the case.

I went to a Lee Looks party last weekend where the kind people from Lee Jeans showed us the latest styles and helped us find our perfect fits!

Having a stylist there who eyed me up and had me in three rockin' pairs if jeans in about two minutes flat definitely took the pain out of finding the perfect fit -- there was no guess work and no crying in the bathroom and no trying to stuff myself into the wrong cut despite the right size. 

But you don't need a stylist to make jeans shopping less painful thanks to the Lee Style Guide.

Doesn't this seriously need to be a fold up to carry around in your wallet? 

This little handy sheet makes jeans shopping way more fun! 

I have a curvy shape that most closely resembles the pear shape, so it was no surprise that I loved the very first pair the stylist sent me off with.

The boot cut jeans I'm wearing here have a mid rise and a slight flare that the stylist said was making a huge resurgence beginning this fall.

I loved the pretty dark wash and the shape of the pockets because they were flattering to the bum.

While the dark washed boot cut jeans that were equal parts stylish and comfortable were keepers, I was seriously drooling over the beautiful array of colors from the new Lee Premieum Line, which is now available at Macy's. 

When the stylist asked me if I liked color I said totally, but I voiced concern about whether a pear shape could necessarily sport a pair of vibrant skinny jeans. 

Feeling confident from the first success, I decided to be bold and gave them a whirl anyway.

So can a pear shape rock burgundy? 

(Burgandy, by the way, is going to continue to be extremely in style through out the next several seasons.)

We thought yes! {Especially when they are not paired with white socks!} And thinking "yes?" Well, that's a huge part of the battle in the war on finding the perfect jeans. 

I wore my new jeans with the special stretch interlock that helps hold shape while also giving a bit when sitting to a conference this weekend, and I really loved them. They didn't get stretched out nor were they too tight.

Despite never having liked Lee jeans fit in the past, I'm now a convert to the Lee Premium Line. The styles are flattering; the quality is good and the price is so right (under $75!). 

What are your jeans buying secrets? What's the biggest issue you run into with finding that jeans that fit?

Disclosure: The Little Style Files, Peanut Butter in my Hair and Lee invited me to a jeans party and gifted me with two pairs of jeans for attending the party because they are super nice like that. This post is a sponsored post, and I received compensation for the time it took to write and review the jeans. 


  1. You look amazing! Love the outfit.

  2. You are indeed rocking the burgundy! ... I love Levis. Durable and I can always find the perfect fit, but I'm tempted to try the bootcut lee premium brand.


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