Thursday, January 16, 2014

Everyday Life: I Don't Believe in Coincidences Anymore

We are trekking through busy streets via careful driving on my part and the kids are absolutely begging for me to engage with them regardless of the fact that snow is flying outside and ice is spread over patches of road.

There are three voices, and I am outnumbered: all of my pleas for quiet are falling on forgetful ears, each round of silence getting shorter.

I pull the car to a safe spot, and I invent a game. Let's listen to mom's top five favorite songs ever. "Ten!" they shout.

I agree and they melt into their seats with delight, quieting for each song to listen and then having a great time rating each song, even requesting I play them out of order.

Mostly, the 12-year-old girl we're hosting for a month from half a world away likes my pickings. Our oldest son is less forgiving of song choices he doesn't deem worthy of the top ten. And the small one, at four, has interest only in hearing songs he's memorized, so a few of them are met with a big fat thumbs down.

We reach my top-two favorite song of all time. It's the song God used to whisper to my heart this year as I began crying out to Him to show me His will for welcoming children into our family after suffering through three separate miscarriages. It's the song God used to give me courage, to lure my heart nearer to His. A song He used when He was in the midst of breaking my heart for the things that break His and then walking forward in the courage of faith.

The girl, the one we clung to faith and courage to as we prepared to bring her here into our family for a month, to take a risk with our hearts and our home and our family and our lives and her heart and her life, she looks at me and says, "This is my faaaavorite."

The beauty who has rarely shared with us her favorite anything, the one we've had to coax any type of favorites out of, she is telling me as we drive through a snow globe that this song, the one that has reached into my heart and whispered verses to me

"Be strong and courageous … for the Lord your God is with you ..."

"May the God of hope fill you will al joy and peace as you trust Him …"

she's telling me this song is her favorite.

A new friend said to me just a few weeks ago, "Nothing is coincidence."

I've been pondering that.

I've been looking at the extremely big coincidences interweaving our life lately

and wondering if there is any such thing as a coincidence with God anyway.

In that moment, nothing in me wonders if I'm staring at coincidence or at absolute fingerprints of God.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Not coincidentally that is the song God has used to speak to me too through a difficult 2013 with Gabes extended hospital stay and a miscarriage of our own. Last week I was able to hear Bob Goff, the author of Love Does, speak here in Holland and he asked the band to close his sermon with that song too. Gods fingerprints and a call for me again to trust without borders!

    1. Also not a coincidence, I just started in on Bob Goff's book tonight after receiving it in the mail this afternoon … interesting. :-)

  2. Beautifully written once again. Your writing is so gentle. I, too, am reading Love Does right now.

  3. Beautifully written once again. Your writing is so gentle. I, too, am reading Love Does right now.


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