Friday, April 11, 2014

Share the Love: Les Miserables at Drury Lane Theatre

Sometimes you need a break.

Even on the days when the kids haven't unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper and decorated the bathroom streamer-style or tattooed the entire first floor with muddy footprints, we mothers need time away from the beautiful mess of motherhood ... preferably to reconnect with our spouse, engage in adult conversation and perhaps even an enjoyable beverage or two.

John and I enjoyed a little mid-week jaunt this past Tuesday to see Les Miserables at Drury Lane Theatre in Oakbrook.
Photos by Brett Beiner 
Though I am still recovering from being out way past my bedtime, I'm also still singing the tunes from this gorgeous, spectacularly casted show. As we drove home, John and I commented on how fortunate we are to have such a great theatre with quality shows so close to our home.

Photos by Brett Beiner 
For those who have never seen Les Mis before, be prepared for a heart-tugging performance that evokes quite a bit of emotion during and long after the performance. My suggestion if this is a date night? Go to dinner first and have light conversation and then attend the show and follow up with comfort dessert because the story line, while hopeful, is quite emotionally charged.

If this is one of your favorite musicals, you'll just love this production -- the cast, the scenery, the orchestra, the costumes, the special effects. The entire show was fantastic. A huge treat, too, is that Ivan Rutherford, who has taken on the role of Jean Valjean more than 2,000 times on Broadway, stars as Valjean in this production. Though, honestly, the whole cast is quite talented and captivating.

We highly recommend this performance of Les Miserable for a well-deserved date night with a deadline -- you've only got until June 8! For tickets, visit the Drury Lane Theatre site.

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