Friday, May 9, 2014

Five-Minute Friday: Grateful

He is lanky and longer than he was this time yesterday, and I don't know how it's possible that he sprouted up over night more than the plants on my back porch.

I wonder if it was the 80 degrees and sunshine

if it was the near gallon of strawberries he ate

or the all-night rest he fell into when he sunk into my armpit.

All this rich soil, and he's eating it up and showing it his too-short sleeves.

I lament sometimes about my boys morphing from small people to taller people, and I guess I expected it from my oldest son.

But not the baby.

The baby who is four going on five, I thought, somehow would stay small for longer  ... or forever?

And then he's here springing through the living room and yanking on too-small 4T clothes and announcing his brother's size 6 fits so much better.

And there he is sucking down raspberries and a hot dog covered with ketchup at lunch and declaring he's still hungry

reminding me he is still growing, growing, growing.

I get lost in a memory at the sight of his ketchup-covered cheeks and for a moment I'm lamenting how quickly the chub fell from his sweet face ...

but I recover in a few moments of deep breathes

and I emerge from the wistful



Five-Minute Friday is helping me get back into the groove of writing. I'm linking up over at Lisa-Jo Baker's.


  1. I feel the same way about my 2 almost 3 year old. I want her to stay young forever and every week can tell more and more she is growing up

  2. Hyacynth, this is a lovely post on a beautiful site. I'm grateful that we've connected through Five Minute Friday. My daughter is 12, and I'm often wistful yet all the more thankful for the young woman she has become. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I wish I could get back into five minute friday. I do love this link up. I think we can all appreciate the sting of watching our littlest one growing more each day. And yes, it's important to re-center on gratitude. Love it!

  4. Stopping by from FMF and I love your blog - the look, the tag line (priceless!) and your post. My oldest is now 15 and recently taller than did that happen? I remember his first haircut. Our first purchase from the bigger boy section. Losing the last baby tooth. Middle school and now high school. I am so proud of him and anxious for all that is in store...but I miss my baby boy. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for all his is becoming.


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