Monday, September 29, 2014

Share the Love: A Perfect Fall Date Night {Chicago}

This past weekend, we found ourselves unexpectedly free after the kids set off on their own adventures for the evening. {Unusual, yes, that a five and seven year old are able to successfully coordinate a night away, but we'll take it!}

So I suggested to my favorite guy that we set off for my favorite place in the Chicago area: the Chicago Botanic Garden.

We sure were blessed by that decision: I mean, look at that sunset over the pond! Gorgeous.

So what's there to do on a date night to the garden? Quite a bit! Here's how we'd recommend doing a garden date:

Plan your date around the sunset. 
Because the garden closes shortly after sunset, you'll want to arrive a few hours beforehand so you can enjoy all the garden has to offer.

Plan for dinner at the garden.
If you like plant-based and seasonal foods, you'll definitely want to dine at the newly renovated Garden View Cafe and enjoy delicious dishes created by the garden's chef while enjoying the garden views from indoor or outdoor seating. Don't worry -- it's not all about the veggies. The garden also offers grass-fed burgers for your feast! And dessert. Both the Garden View Cafe and the Rose Terrace Cafe {open on weekends} offer ice cream. Plan for an early dinner autumn through spring as the cafe closes at 5 p.m. Arriving at 4 for early dinner would work out well!

Plan for walking and exploring.
Wear comfortable shoes and clothes on your garden date because the garden has miles of trails to explore. And be prepared to take the path less traveled! We discovered a most beautiful place during on one of our dates in the Evening Island area as we climbed up a small path that led to an elevated seating area made of rocks. It was awesome!

We love to walk the paths of the garden and talk uninterrupted, so normally we don't plan out our walks, but if you'd prefer, the garden has some suggested walking routes. And while the garden is beautiful year-round, it's especially lovely during the autumn season!

Plan for special events.
We love the special programs and events the garden hosts. Check out the garden website to find things like Autumn Brews: Seasonal Beer Tasting.

Enjoy your garden date night!

Full disclosure: Because I sincerely love the outdoors, nature and specifically the mission and efforts of the Chicago Botanic Garden, I have partnered with the garden to help spread the word about its events and features. Kindly, the garden provides me with a membership. 


  1. Hello, dear. I'm back in the blogging world, hopefully for good this time and I'm still a big fan of your work. I seriously did not know that Chicgao had a botanical garden. Sometimes I live under a Midwestern rock. Hope you had a fabulous date.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I think it's hard to know what's going on in the city and suburbs when you don't live there and even when you DO live there! I hope you get to the garden soon and I hope your writing is going well!


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