Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Little Broken, a Lot Beautiful

It's a very generous gift, and one we are glad to welcome into our growing home; a friend packed up a most lovely set of dishes and sent them to our home.

My oldest daughter and I are unpacking the beautiful white plates with lovely bursts of yellow flowers printed on them, and we are thankful for many reasons, the top being they are beautiful and they are many.

At one point she exclaims, "Hey! We could eat lunch without having to wash the breakfast dishes now!"

It's the little-big things, you know.

We come to a utensil holder that's cracked down the backside, and my daughter sighs a sad "Oooohhh. It's broken. I hope we didn't break it by accident ... Can we still use it?"

I examine the crack, and I shrug my shoulders, unsure of if we've caused the damage, but certain that after inspection it's still useful.

"It looks like it still functions just fine," I say. "Plus, it's just lovely."

My daughter smiles and happily places the utensils in the new holder. And it's true. The utensils perch in there nicely, and the holder is a beautiful addition to our counter space despite the crack.

My generous friend returns my thank-you message a few moment after we've placed the utensil holder on the counter. In her message she says she's glad we can use them, and that she's sorry there's a crack in the utensil holder; she just didn't have the heart to throw it away.

I look around at my life before I respond, and I can't help but to think that this utensil holder is more than a utensil holder right now; it's more like a reminder.

I reply, "It's ok. It's kind of symbolic of our life right now -- a little broken but a lot beautiful."

As the weeks go by, every time I lay eyes on that utensil holder, I remember that the broken doesn't take away from the beautiful by any means. And that little crack of brokenness doesn't make it any less valuable to me.

And I hear God whispering the same goes for me.

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