Friday, January 20, 2017


Editor's note: You may get lost in this story without the background story. You may want to read about how our family came to the point where we are in the process of adopting a 16-year-old girl internationally! 

I don't know how transparent to be sometimes.
But we each have these moments in time where we can choose one very distinct path from another, and today I am choosing transparency in the hope that it will bring goodness and beauty.
Two nights ago, we mailed off our completed and approved homestudy so that it can travel to our daughter's country. As far as her country is concerned right now there is no adoption because they don't have any paperwork from us.
Normally, once the completed homestudy gets in country, the lawyer's office begins the work of translating the paperwork while we await the USCIS immigration approval, which also needs to be submitted to L for the adoption.
But, as of right now, our paperwork is going to sit on a shelf because we are still trying to gather together $6,283 of the $8,000 needed to get our paperwork going in L and delivered to the courts and ministry.
Once the paperwork is delivered, only then will the ministry and court, in tandem, be able to issue a referral for us to travel to her country, live there with our girl for three weeks and then bring her home.
Of, course, then, we have two additional trips we need to make back to her country with her before the process is finalized.
And the process must be finalized-- we must be back from the third trip -- by the time she is 17.5 or the adoption cannot be completed.
Maybe you might remember from last time but it took about a year from the time our paperwork was in country until our third and final trip was completed with the girls.
Her adoption must be finalized by about this time next year (February 5), when she is 17.5 or she cannot be adopted.
Most of you likely just did the math, and know that now is the time we have to submit.
Last week God clearly told me to be still and abandon fundraising efforts, stop putting together, organizing and seeking the fundraisers I was desperately trying to put together because God was pressing into my heart that He is enough. And He will provide enough. And that I don't have to struggle to make this happen because He will make it happen in His way.
I am a maximizer and I really thrive in making things happen and making them happen awesomely. As if that wasn't uncomfortable enough for me to stop trying to be enough and make enough and just rest in the fact that He is enough and will provide enough in His way --as if that wasn't uncomfortable enough (growth, aren't you always?) --- now i am feeling like I'm being beckoned to share our whole story, even much of what we have withheld.
To share it far and wide, loudly and with clarity we haven't yet given.
You likely know I love to tell stories. I went to journalism school simply to tell stories and become a voice for the voiceless. I thought it would look like becoming a foreign war correspondent.
But no.
Instead it looked like becoming a mother to those who have had their voices stripped from them by the very people who they needed to help them find their voices.
Instead it's looked like walking gently and lovingly and as restoratively as possible through the emotional land-mine-blown apart lives of three precious girls who generously and resiliently can muster up the courage to call me mom.
Instead it looks like telling this story, which isn't just our story but is the story of millions of kids around the world who are desperate for a home where they are safe and loved.
God has whispered to my heart that the reason why we need financial support isn't because He isn't enough or I'm not working hard enough but that because this story hasn't been heard enough yet ... and the telling of it will change hearts.
The investments made financially in lives instead of stuff will change the course of not just this family, this child, but the course of the givers' lives, too.
I want to plant seeds of hope in your heart through this story. That while sometimes people choose painful ways that cause pain to themselves and others that God is always always always working to bring beauty through the brokenness of life.
I want to show you that He makes beautiful things out of the dust of our lives.
So, there is a story that needs to be told. A whole story that needs to be told with clarity and fullness.
It is one of enough.
It is one of redemption.
It is one of grace.
It is one of growth.
it is one of love.
And it is one of redemption.
We would be honored and blessed to have an opportunity to share it wide and deep.
If you're interested in hearing, please let us know by commenting here or sending me a private message, text message or phone call.
Maybe you have friends and family and small groups or a church who might want to hear this story, too?
We would love to meet with you in person or send you an email of the full story.
We would love to share about what God's doing ... and how, if and only if you want to be part of this continuing story to love and redemption, you can be part of it in a very tangible way.
If you already feeling that yes to be part of what God is doing here by tangibly contributing financially, you can make donations to the furthering of this story of redemption and healing directly by:
1. Sending PayPal as a friend to
2. Tax deductible donations can be made with a check (must be $100 or more) made out to: Adoption Related Services. This can either be given or mailed to us or mailed directly to the agency with a note to apply it to the "worth family" at the following address: 8 S. Main Street, PO Box 201, Shrewsbury PA 17361. 
Blessings to you, friends. Thanks for reading.

Don't miss part two of this incredible story of hope and faithfulness!

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