Grief and Pregnancy Loss Uncovered

It's like standing alone in a crowd at the saddest party to which you never wanted an invitation.

The days and months and even years surrounding the loss of a pregnancy or in our case three babies from three separate pregnancies have felt like forever long and again so brief to me.

I have felt so lonely in some ways and then also so very held and embraced.

No one claims to know a cure-all remedy to help mothers heal, the grieving mothers themselves included.

But I suspect the most healing has happened when I've just let go.

Let go of the biting thought that I'm burdening other ears when I need to talk.

Let go of the fear that I'm falling short in my faith when I need to pray boldly and cry out honestly to God.

Let go of the expectation to grieve my losses quietly as though they were any less of a loss than anyone else we've loved.

Let go of the worry that if I talk or write openly and honestly too much about these losses and babies that I'm beating the life out of a subject.

Let go of the pervasive thought that I need to pull it together.

Part of letting go has been sharing our stories of loss openly and honestly.

I pray if you're here because you're suffering the loss of a baby during pregnancy that you'll find comfort in the sharing. I pray you'll feel less alone. I pray God will speak to your heart through our stories of loss and grief. And most of all, I pray that God will hold and sustain you through a very hard time.

You're welcome to contact me privately if need a friend or help finding a community that can come alongside you as your mourn. hyacynthworth{at}yahoo{dot}com.

Our Stories

Read stories about our pregnancy losses and miscarriages.

Read stories about life after miscarriages.

Our first miscarriage {5 weeks}.

Our second miscarriage {7 weeks}.

Our third miscarriage {about 12 weeks}

Our home birth miscarriage labor and delivery and d and c.

Resources for Healing:

Healing Physcially

Healing Emotionally

Healing Spiritually

Naturally Recovering after Miscarriage

Others' Stories of Loss and Healing:

Melissa from Peanut Butter in my Hair {first and second trimester losses}

Arianne from Mabel and Riv {late pregnancy loss}

Kim from Prairie Mama {infant loss}

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